Trailback Riggers

Waterproof Walking Boots | Dog Walking Boots

Designed and built to handle the toughest and most demanding conditions by Specialist shoemakers who know how to make boots with sole and passion

Trailback Riggers

Waterproof Walking Boots | Dog Walking Boots

Providing extreme comfort and added endurance.

The Trailbacks are engineered to provide the durability and strength of the traditional rigger worker boot without the extra weight. Trailback boots have been developed for walking and leisure use only.

This construction features authentic triple stitching for durability.

The leather upper is stitched to the sole, providing out-of-the-box comfort and flexibility without sacrificing stability and support. The Trailback construction incorporates underfoot insulation that serves as a barrier to heat loss between the foot and frozen ground.

Our Trailback® construction features full grain 2.4 mm hard
wearing treated leather upper for complete weather proofing.

The tough leather upper serves also to impede thorns, brambles and other nasty elements.

Treated Leather Uppers

The Sympatex ® waterproof membrane blocks moisture from the outside, while allowing moisture inside to evaporate.

Treated Leather Uppers

Our Goodyear welting provides flexibility in the sole, reduces weight, and offers a cork footbed providing good insulation and comfort.

Flexible Soles
Trailback Leather Boots

But dont just take our word for it, read some of our wonderful customer reviews!!!

 by B on Trailback® Boots

Bought my first pair a couple of years ago to replace my old faithfuls. Within weeks they were trekking to handgliding. Slipping my feet into them is like sinking into the most comfortable pair of slippers. An amazingly waterproof pair of slippers. Now for most of autumn and winter I wouldn't be without them. From travelling to popping down to the shop these are just perfect.
Wouldn't be without them.

Thank you so much for your very kind review, we are delighted hear this.

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Exceptional boot design integrated with a high performance rubber outsole produced by world leader, Vibram

Our “Worker to Walker” Trailback® features a Vibram® commando outsole with deep lugs for outstanding traction and high abrasion resistance in any lowland terrain.

Trailback Riggers | Waterproof Walking Boots | Dog Walking Boots. The Trailback® is crafted for the most demanding environments, the features of this boot will keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable all day. You can drive in them too!

This product of excellence has been adapted to meet the needs of the dog walker, the camper, the festival goer and many other outdoor country lifestyles. The Trailback is a lowland rambler for predictable paths, it is unsuitable for seriously uneven terrain or technical mountain paths.

“You will be able to walk for miles with comfort in this amazing boot.”

Walking Boots
Walking Boots

The Trailback® is a rigger style boot packed full of tech & design.

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