How to Clean & Care for your Trailback Boots

How to care for your Walking and Chelsea boots

To care for your Trailbacks we would recommend you follow these care instructions to ensure the highest level of performance and durability.

Please be aware that a lack of care according to our guidance will affect your warranty.

Please do not use any silicone based products on the Trailback and avoid extremely oil based creams and old fashioned ‘dubbins’ as these can adversely affect the breathability of the boot. This is important for the performance of the waterproof membrane. Suitable care products for leather footwear with a Sympatex membrane are available from us.


After each use of the Trailback, it is recommended that you remove all dirt, mud, manure, salt water, etc. from them using a wet sponge and clean lukewarm water.


As the Trailback will be exposed to repeated wetting and drying, mud and dirt we would recommend that you nourish the leather periodically (every 2 months) with the recommended Saphir Creme Universelle.


The main waterproofing property of your Trailback is the Sympatex membrane. Continued waterproofing treatment assists and aids this technology. Please use the recommended Saphir Creme de Luxe (weekly if your Trailbacks are used regularly).

How to keep your Crofty and Pendeen boots waterproof

The leather during manufacture is treated to improve its waterproofing properties. This Durable Water Repellency (DWR) over time will be removed and needs to be regularly re-applied. Otherwise the leather will dry out and water will be absorbed into the leather. Over time water will enter the boots because the leather is effectively saturated. 

In order to prevent a decrease in waterproofness of the leather, Trailback recommends periodically applying a waterproofing treatment which allows breathability, such as the BeechWood Boot cleaning kit. This premium product not only offers waterproofing properties but also treats scuff marks and re-colours your Trailbacks to make them look new again. Saphir Crème de Luxe is available from us and is also within the Trailback cleaning kit. Waterproofing treatment should be done when you notice that the beading effect of the water on the leather is no longer evident.


You can check this by observing the boots when it is raining. Ideally, the water should be beading (turning to droplets) and running off the boots. If there is no beading the water will begin to be absorbed by the leather, this needs to be prevented so it is time to apply a waterproofing treatment to your Trailback to maintain their waterproofing properties.

Extending the life of your Trailback boots

As the Trailback will be exposed to repeated wetting and drying, mud and dirt it can eventually cause the leather to dry out and crack, like human skin natural leather requires regular moisturising.

We would recommend that you nourish the leather periodically with a suitable leather conditioner such as Saphir Crème Universelle or a similar product that will not affect breathability.

Saphir Crème Universelle can be purchased from us separately or is included within the Trailback cleaning kit.

Take care of your Trailbacks and they will take care of you!

Trailback Boot Repair

In the unlikely event that your Trailback boots should require repair, take them to a reputable boot smith, or contact us.

One of the big advantages of Trailback boots is that they can be re-soled. The cost saving of this aside, the environmental impact of resoling boots is significantly positive. By extending the life of your footwear, you contribute to reducing the waste that goes into landfills.

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