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 by B on Trailback® Boots

Bought my first pair a couple of years ago to replace my old faithfuls. Within weeks they were trekking to handgliding. Slipping my feet into them is like sinking into the most comfortable pair of slippers. An amazingly waterproof pair of slippers. Now for most of autumn and winter I wouldn't be without them. From travelling to popping down to the shop these are just perfect.
Wouldn't be without them.

Thank you so much for your very kind review, we are delighted hear this.

 by Willy Browne-Swinburne on Trailback Boots

I have had 2 pairs of Trail back boots and have just ordered another two pairs. I live in Rural Northumberland and spend most of my time outside - whether gardening, working on in the woods, walling, fencing they are perfect. Beautifully made, they are incredibly long lasting, comfortable and easy to slip on and off. I wear them for deer stalking and other vermin control. In short they are marketed as dog walking boots but are brilliant for so much more.

Thank you so much for your very kind review William, we are delighted.

 by Zoe barrett on Trailback® Boots

These boots are what I’ve been looking for for the last 16 years. I work in the equine industry and have never had a pair of comfortable leather boots last a season not to mind two seasons. They are so comfortable and hard wearing. Although they are not cheap they are well worth the money. I’d definitely recommend them. They are well worth it. You won’t be disappointed.

Thank you so much Zoe for your very kind review, we are delighted hear this.

 by Amanda Meech on Trailback® Boots

Received a pair of Trailback boots this Christmas. I am so delighted with them! Having first seen the adverts in my Simple Things magazine about 2 years ago and wanted a pair ever since. Thanks to one of my besties for tipping my husband off. They are so comfortable, practical but more so they look great. I now love those weekend walks with our dog where you pop into a nice country pub for a drink or meal after your walk and I’m wearing my gorgeous Trailbacks instead of my old scruffy walking boots! Best gift in many years!

Thank you so much for your very kind review, we are delighted hear this. Would it be possible to use in an instagram post please?

 by Cary on Trailback Boots

Bought my riggers about 5 years ago . I’m not a good looking surfer or a sailor, just a retired river worker slap bang in the middle of England . Loved my work boots so much , sourced these riggers out and they have been fabulous. Warm , waterproof and easy on & off . Good for strolling around the muddy fields & river walks . They come with me to Cornwall & Northern Ireland on family visits , perfect in the back of the car , cause you can stuff extra socks & wooly hats in them ( also good to cart sloe gin bottles & wine ) . Anyway cracking boots , I want more colours ( wife says not till I wear them out ) . 🙄

Thank you so much for your very kind review Cary, we are delighted hear this. Would it be possible to use in an instagram post please?

 by Sally on Trailback® Boots

I've had these boots for about 18 months now, and left it this long to write a review because I wanted to see how sturdy they really are, and how they would cope in all seasons: especially the wet, since I live in an area that's massively prone to flooding, and is constantly underwater in winter. From the beginning, I was skeptical. My first wearing was the most painful footwear experience I've ever had. Huge blisters after walking 2 hours (hobbling the last hour, really) which made wearing any shoes at all after that, almost impossible. I didn't wear them for a month, to allow my heels time to heal, and then gradually walked 10 minutes, 15 minutes in them, building up over time. After that wearing-in period, which took another couple of weeks, the boots were perfect. I wear them everywhere, in all weathers, and they are completely waterproof. I put that to the test in the most recent floods when I waded into a "puddle" as far as the top of the boots to see if my car would make it through (no way). The boots kept my feet entirely dry. I don't know if others had the same wearing-in experience as me, but once you get past that, these boots are perfect!

Thank you so much for your very kind review, we are delighted hear this. Sorry about the blisters, we do offer advice so it is easy to deal with and you dont have to suffer the blisters. We always recommend Chiropody padding which covers the area completely and protects it. Then you can wear the boots without any discomfort and they gradually take the shape of your foot, then they will always be your boot.

 by Steve on Trailback Boots

Just thought I’d share my experience with using tailback boots.
I have worn nothing else through the autumn/winter/ and early spring 2022-23. They are extremely comfortable and warm and as I use them for shooting weekends they need to be waterproof and they are very waterproof.They look the part on any countryside pursuit.
I wear them as my first choice over other branded boots for all the reasons I’ve just mentioned.
On top of that my wife wears a pair for walking, and I’ve just purchased my second pair .

Thank you so much for your very kind review, we are delighted hear this. Would it be possible to use in an instagram post please?

 by Carole Marshall on Trailback® Boots

Having purchased my boots after much thought due to cost, so glad i did. So comfortable and extremely well made. 💯 recommend 👌

 by monika on Trailback® Boots

I spent the past 8-9 month thinking about getting these boots. They looked perfect t. I’m out walking the dog or hiking every day through wet grass and mud. The price tag made me hesitate. As autumn arrived I decided to invest in these boots. I read the reviews and a lot of people mentions that it’ll take a few days or even weeks to break them in so when the boots arrived I put them on and went for a short walk. They were great. The next day I took them for the morning forest dog walk. Absolutely perfect. They were comfy straight away. From all the reviews I expected weeks of breaking them in. Really recommend.

 by Annette on Trailback® Boots

Trailback boots are, hands down, the best pair of boots I have ever bought. The fit is perfect & they are so warm & comfortable to wear. I could not be happier, they are beautifully made & worth every penny, it is obvious that they will last for many years.

I live in Australia so buying online could have been a little risky but Sandy was extremely helpful with sizing advice & arranging for shipping which was extremely good value & quick as I received the boots a week after they were sent.

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