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by Jen Morgan on Trailback® Boots

Cornwall is my natural playground and the very footprint of the county encourages life best lived outdoors. After years of perished wellingtons and heel rubbing walking boots, I couldn't be more pleased and relieved to have discovered Trailback and it took little persuasion for me to invest in pair of size 7's. Day one of my 'Trailback Tales' included a 4 mile coastal walk and the boots did me proud, no need to wear them in, just pull them on and hit the track.

by Jayne on Trailback® Boots

I am so pleased with these boots which I first saw at a pop up event in a local café in Perranporth. They are stylish, comfortable, practical, waterproof and my go to foot wear since I had them for Christmas (Dec 2018- brownie points for him).
They have been on my feet whilst coastal walking, beach walking, supermarket run, Saturday night at the pub and have been admired by many.

Worth the price as they are such good quality.

by Cecilia on Trailback® Boots

I have been waiting to review these boots for a couple of months since I bought them so that I could wear them in fully and thoroughly test them. It's been hard waiting as I fell in love with them instantly and have hardly taken them off since I first tried them. It took me a week to decide whether or not I should buy them - I first read about them in an article and although they looked and sounded great they were more expensive than any shoe or boot I had previously bought. However, desperate to find something that bridged the gap between welly and ordinary flat soled fashion boot, and wanting to support a local business with a good idea, I took the plunge and invested. They are indeed as advertised- beautifully made, comfortable to wear and totally waterproof. I have since worn them everyday. They slip on easily so are perfect for my constant in and out of the house with children, animals, washing etc. I have worn them on walks around our farm, to the beach, through lots of mud and they still look good. Totally worth investing in and I hope to be wearing these for a long time to come. Incredible service from this lovely company.

by Trude Midtlien on Trailback® Boots

I had been looking for boots like these for years, when I found Trailback. Went from Norway to Cornwall to meet them at a pub in Perranport. And fell in love at once ! We started our friendship with a walk on the beautiful beach. Hopefully this friendship will last for a very long time. They are very comfortable to wear, easy to get on and off and just perfect boots.

by Martha Hamilton on Trailback® Boots

I must say my Trailback boots are the warmest and most waterproof boot I have ever owned. They are incredibly hard wearing and this is a testament to their uncompromising build quality, after all they are a hand made boot. I wear my Trailbacks dog walking, beach fishing and last year I wore them instead of moon boots in the Italian Alps. Not only are they very tough, they have a unique understated style which I am comfortable wearing in the pub.

by Susan Greig on Trailback® Boots

I have had my Trailback boots for nearly a year now and they still look like new I just give them a polish with the recommended polish . I can definitely say they are waterproof and they look good for town or country and are really comfortable would definitely recommend them

by Beki Heath on Trailback® Boots

In my mind these are the best boots I’ve owned - so much so that I commissioned a dark blue pair!
My brown ones are my most worn ones which I use everyday for dog walking - so comfortable, waterproof & easy to get on & off (which for me is important). Also in the bad weather months I feel very secure in them - the soles have excellent traction. They look good too! Well worth every penny 😊

by Salena Mulhere, Beckenham, Kent on Trailback® Boots

I have been really happy with the Boots so far.
The first time I wore them was to Marshall a cross country race so I was walking quite a distance and then standing around and then walking again through some slippery muddy woods and the boots were comfortable and warm all day and gripped well too.

Exactly what I was hoping for and they will be getting plenty more use on long country walks and muddy camping trips in the coming months.

by Beverley Grant, Essex on Trailback® Boots

My Trailbacks have just been delivered and as I type, they're on my feet. They're perfect! I have been looking for a number of years to replace my long-lasting, much loved Blundestones (the rigger style that I loved no longer being produced). I just want to thank you so very much, as with these gorgeous, fabulous riggers my quest has ended. I honestly couldn't be happier with them.

I bought the Trailbacks for a trip I'm taking in July to Iceland (hopefully some photos from there). I live rurally but do go into London a fair bit and I can see the boots working in both environments, and in between. Shopping worn with jeans, a tramp across a muddy or snowy field to reach the pub, pulled on with a dress to pop to the farm shop. I'd even wear them out to lunch or with shorts. You have a classic in the making, you truly do.

Thank you from one very happy, smiley, Trailback wearing customer.

by Kim Hammond – Ohio, USA on Trailback® Boots

I wear my Trailbacks all the time.
I am a horse trainer and wear them every day in the stables. They are comfortable and very durable.
They are easy on and off and clean up without a fuss. I have given out your name brand and praised your customer service to friends of mine in the 4-H barns.
So glad I stumbled upon your advertisement on a Cornwall website and researched the product. I would recommend these boot to anyone.

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