The Trailback®
Stylish Waterproof Country Boots

Trailbacks are handcrafted, fully waterproof boots,
inspired by the hardworking rigger and designed for the great outdoors.

From ‘Worker to Walker’ 

Stylish Waterproof Country Boots.
The idea for Trailback® all started when we got our Rhodesian Ridgeback dog, Roscoe.
It was hard to find a suitable shoe or boot that would keep my feet warm and dry on our long walks.
Trainers weren’t waterproof, wellingtons were uncomfortable over long distances and hiking boots were no good in deep, muddy puddles.

I ended up relying on an old pair of safety rigger boots, still waterproof despite their age and comfortable enough to walk all day in.
I thought these boots were fantastic, so my journey started here with a vision to make my own version of this product of excellence.

Trailback Logo
Stylish Waterproof Country Boots

I have spent more than two years developing the Trailback® and we now have an amazing, hardwearing boot that perfectly balances functionality, comfort and style.

Sandy Wallis

A brand with Cornish roots

Our design ethos for the Trailback is hardworking, functionality and versatility.
We are committed to the product and love what it does for us.
We have an honest and loving relationship with our beautiful environment; we love the outdoors, which of course has been driven by our stunning and beautiful Cornish landscapes. Stylish Waterproof Country Boots

We adore the crashing waves of the North coast, the calm waters of the South, the cliff paths and moorlands, the purple heather and of course the fantastic sites from Cornwall’s world heritage mining past with its amazing chimneys and engine houses.
These are the things we will always appreciate and will never tire of.

Since day one, the drive has been to produce a boot that is quality and keeps going. Something that will work hard for you and will stay with you for a long time, and the more you wear it the better it looks and it becomes a part of you that you can rely on and love.