Our Vision

Footwear to cope with country hikes and city walks.

Waterproof Country Living

We are a company lucky enough to be based in Cornwall. We believe it's one of the most beautiful places in the world.

With its mining heritage, trails, wooded valleys, wild heaths and moorlands, tranquil south coast waterways and rugged north Atlantic coast line, Cornwall is a walker's paradise.

This was our inspiration. To produce a piece of footwear that can cope with the demands of our diverse and beautiful landscapes.

The Trailback is footwear that will be your companion; whether you are a dog walker, festival goer or just live, work and enjoy the outdoors.

If this is you, The Trailback® is your boot. It will be with you every day and we are sure you wonder what you did before it!

Trailback Boots
Trailback Rigger Boots

Trailback® Get out there and explore!

Just listening to the birds and being outdoors gives you something very special that has been lost in the lives of so many.

A boot for country and city life.

Get out there and enjoy it! Put on your Trailback’s and embrace the fantastic colourful landscapes found throughout our amazing UK countryside.

Our boots will go with you on your daily outdoor adventures, whether to high hills or the High Street. Once owned, they will become an essential part of your day; whether that’s walking a woodland track, ambling along the coastal path, or popping to the shops!

The Trailback® gives you footwear that’s tailored just for you. Whatever you need from a boot, this is your perfect fit.

The Trailback® is more than just a boot – it’s a daily companion, faithfully accompanying you on every adventure. We are confident that once you’ve experienced it, you’ll find yourself wondering how you ever got along without it.

Trailback Rigger Boots
Waterproof Boots

“The versatility of our boot is what appeals to so many happy customers!”

The Trailback boot is an exceptional blend of style and utility. Built to withstand the rigors of outdoor exploration, this hardy boot can be easily slipped on and off, and its aesthetic appeal is as commanding on a hillside as it is in a bustling bar.

For dog walkers, the Trailback boot is a game changer. The effortless on-and-off design, the simplicity of cleaning, and the long-lasting durability all converge to create a boot that’s just as resilient as your four-legged friend.

Festival enthusiasts, too, will find the Trailback boot a reliable companion. It keeps you warm, dry, and comfortable throughout the day, while adding a stylish edge to your festival outfit.

Are you a regular lowland rambler tired of the discomfort of traditional wellies? The Trailback® lets you cover mile after mile in comfort, freeing you to enjoy the journey rather than worrying about your footwear.

Even for those seeking a chic boot for urban adventures or an accessory to perfect an ensemble, Trailbacks have you covered. With the new Chelsea boot, the Pendeen, this sleek design transitions seamlessly from city streets to country paths, proving that, with the Trailback boot, you truly can do it all.

Go have a run on that beach. Have a twirl around with your arms open wide. Simply feel good to be alive!

Trailback Rigger Boots