The finest walking boots made with Sole

Trailback boots use only the finest materials and construction techniques to deliver premium quality, durability and comfort.

Inspired by North Sea Oil Riggers

Traditional “rigger” boots were worker boots with a steel toe cap and steel penetration resistance in the sole, designed for the North Sea Oil Riggers.

We removed all the steel but retained the robust design and added triple-stitching to create a fully-waterproof, technologically advanced product for onshore walking and adventures. This is our Crofty boot.

We’ve since developed our Pendeen boot, a glorious Chelsea boot, available in black and grey and red and brown that brings a touch of class to your walking, whether in the country or in the city.

These Boots Were Made For Walking

Our original Crofty Trailback was designed to meet the needs of the dog walker, rambler or general outdoors enthusiast.

The Trailback Crofty is designed to be a stylish, comfortable and hard-wearing outdoor lowland rambler for predictable paths.

Please note: it is unsuitable for seriously uneven terrain or technical paths.

We have adapted the style of the “Rigger” to produce a boot that looks fantastic on both men and women.

Ultimate style out and about or in the city

Our brand new Pendeen Chelsea boots were launched in 2024. They merge the hard wearing comfort of the original Crofty boot, with the style and sophistication of the timeless Chelsea.
Available in Black and Grey and Red and Tan, these boots are as much at home in a city pub as they are out on a countryside walk.
Trailback Waterproof Walking Boots

Fully Waterproof

German manufactured Sympatex® waterproof membrane

Longevity and sustainability

Resoling boots has a profound environmental benefit. It not only extends the life of your footwear, reducing landfill waste, but also champions quality over quantity.

By choosing Trailback boots, which are designed for resoling, consumers support a circular economy model—where footwear is made to last and continually reused, leading to a greener planet.

Rugged Terrain Ready

Highly-acclaimed Vibram® Commando outsoles

(Vibram were one of the first technology Partners to back our idea for a more relaxed Rigger-style boot.)


Treated Full-Grain Leather

2.4mm thick hard wearing, high quality leather

Caring for your Walking Boots

Trailback’s Crofty and Pendeen Chelsea boots are made from premium materials and will last longer if you take care of them.

Find out how by reading our care guide and stock up on boot cleaning and care accessories in our online shop

Insulating Cork Footbed

Allows you to walk for miles in comfort, keeping your feet warm and dry no matter the conditions.

Pull-on tabs

Easy on boots with no mucky laces makes Trailback practical for the even the muddiest of dog-walking trails.


For additional strength and durability.

High-Quality Footwear Heritage

Trailback work with a family-run business who have been producing high-quality shoes and boots since 1899.

We carefully selected our manufacturer because they know how to make an excellent, hard wearing, breathable technical boot.

With a heritage of high-quality footwear manufacturing, our shoe makers are specialists in Goodyear welting and waterproofing technology in their products.

Offering better durability than glued soles and considered one of the finest methods of shoe construction, Goodyear welting is a high-quality shoe making technique which is almost 150 years old.

Corporate Responsibility

We consider that the shoemakers who craft our boots are just as important as those who buy them and we have an excellent working environment within the factory.

Employees are respected and receive a fair days pay for a fair day’s work which is something that is very important to us.

We hope you will agree that our manufacturer not only has the technical skills and know-how to produce an exceptional boot for the walker, but also the right approach to employee welfare.