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 by Caroline Knox on Trailback® Boots

My trailback boots are coming out of their third winter of dog walking. They are neglected, they are rarely dried properly, or cleaned. I am a poor owner BUT they have kept my feet dry every single day for 3 miserable winters and been comfy and easy to pull on
I do scrub and dry them, apply some wax every now again and this summer they will be carefully put away as I have my brand new Chelsea boots for better weather, to give me the same day in day out comfort in a lighter look.
Thank you Trailback, I will never change to anything else. Fabulous boots

What a cracking review Caroline, so pleased to hear that your boots are looking after you, even though you have neglected those poor little things! Maybe try a bit of the Saphir Creme de Luxe and they will breathe a sigh of relieve, ha ha. Thank you so much for your kind review, it makes all the difference, we love it!

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