Caring for your Trailback Boots: How to Clean and Care for your boots

Caring for your Trailback Boots doesn’t have to be a daunting task. The key is understanding how to clean and care for them properly, ensuring you can enjoy your treks and hikes in style and comfort for a long time.

This guide provides essential tips to help you extend the longevity of your Trailback boots and keep them functioning at their best. Note, however, that neglecting these steps can affect your warranty, so it’s vital to follow these instructions closely.

Avoid Unfavorable Products

The first thing to remember is to steer clear of silicone-based products. Also, refrain from using extremely oil-based creams and old-fashioned ‘dubbins’, as these can hinder the breathability of the boot, negatively affecting the performance of the waterproof Sympatex membrane. Instead, opt for suitable care products for leather footwear with a Sympatex membrane, available from us.

Clean with Care

Post each adventure, thoroughly clean your Trailback boots. Remove all dirt, mud, manure, salt water, etc., using a wet sponge and clean lukewarm water. Regular cleaning prevents the buildup of grime that can damage the boots over time.

Condition Regularly

Since your Trailbacks are exposed to repeated wetting, drying, and dirt, they’ll require periodic nourishment. Use a high-quality leather conditioner to help maintain the flexibility and water-resistant nature of the leather. Regular conditioning can prolong the lifespan of your boots by preventing drying and cracking.

Provide Optimal Protection

While the primary waterproofing property of your Trailback boots is the Sympatex membrane, continued waterproofing treatment supports and enhances this technology. The leather used in manufacturing is treated with a Durable Water Repellency (DWR) for added waterproofing. However, over time, this treatment can wear off, necessitating reapplication to prevent the leather from absorbing water, which can compromise the boots’ performance.

To avoid a decrease in the waterproofing capabilities of the leather, we recommend regularly applying a waterproofing treatment that allows breathability. The BeechWood Boot cleaning kit, available on our website, is an excellent choice. This superior product not only bolsters waterproofing but also addresses scuff marks and re-colours your boots, restoring their like-new appearance.

When you notice the water is no longer beading on the surface of the leather, that’s your cue it’s time for a waterproofing treatment. A clear indicator is when water starts being absorbed into the leather, signifying the boot has become saturated over time.

Trailback boots are designed for durability and comfort, but like all quality footwear, they need a certain level of care. Regular cleaning, conditioning, and waterproofing will ensure your boots remain reliable companions on all your outdoor adventures.

Cleaning kits are available from our website. By investing time in maintaining your boots, you are ensuring they will serve you faithfully for many trails to come. Happy hiking!

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