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I  thought we had a really interesting story that a lot of people out there would connect with. I am mother of two, who was not happy with my work anymore as things had changed which just did not sit right with my values

It has been so hard to get a magazine to do a feature on Trailback.

I thought we had a really interesting story that a lot of people out there would connect with. I am mother of two, who was not happy with my work anymore as things had changed which just did not sit right with my values. So for me, it was the last staw, I had been looking at various business ideas over the years, and doing my research, research, research but I did not find anything that was suitable.

It was always a dream of mine to run my own business but to be honest, I didn’t think I was actually capable of doing it. It was when we got our Rhodesian Ridgeback dog called Roscoe and I just could not find the perfect shoe or boots for our daily walks in all weathers.
I tried trainers but they were not waterproof, wellingtons, which I found really cold and uncomfortable and hiking boots which were waterproof but no good in those deep muddy puddles that we would always be coming across.
I found an old pair of rigger boots in my cupboard at home, and I noted that they were waterproof so I thought I would try them. These were fantastic, although heavy with the steel features as they were safety boots which had originally been designed for the North Sea Oil riggers.

After wearing these old riggers for 4 years or so, I thought, I have to make these boots. I would just adapt them for the walker. So this is what I did, I removed all the steel from them, put on one of the best commando hiking soles produced by Vibram the Italian sole experts.

I also managed to get a licence to use the German Sympatex waterproof membrane.
Then I had to find a really good manufacturer who were expert in Goodyear welting. This is one of the finest methods of shoe making which can only be performed by skilled shoemakers, it was important for me to use this technique in our Trailback.

Leather Waterproof Walking Boots

I was delighted when we found our manufacturer who have been making Goodyear boots and shoes since 1899.
A lovely family run business who are successful because they are very good at what they do.
Many of the shoe makers in Spain and Portugal have now closed because of the massive competition from the far east. 63% of the world’s shoes and boots are now made in countries like India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Cambodia and China.

We are very proud that our boots are handcrafted and are European, we are a British brand, have a Spanish manufacturer, Italian sole experts and the German waterproof membrane.
Each pair of Trailbacks is the meeting of expert European minds, so we know we have a fantastic product. Going back to the difficulties of getting into a magazine, I just could not find one magazine that was interested.
We did manage to get a feature in the 2018 November edition of Cornwall Today, they are a lovely magazine that was very fairly priced and as it is our local mag we wished to support them.
So we went with this, but I just felt that I should not have to pay for an interesting feature in a magazine.
I got fed up with being ignored, so I thought right, I am going to look up 4 editors of the big magazines and write to them directly through instagram. So this is what I did, I was shocked when Laura Brown of InStyle magazine responded to my message by looking at my instagram page and picking off a photograph (attached) and putting it out as a story on her page!! See what she said about Trailback below.

About a week or so later, the Fashion Features Director from New York emailed me and said that InStyle US would like to do a feature on Trailback in their February 2019 edition!

I was totally shocked by this but of course very happy too. I am keeping an open mind, because I realise that they could change their minds at any time about Trailback, so we will wait and see!!

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