Trailback Boots: Your All-Weather Boots

There are boots and then there are Trailback boots – designed not only to be a piece of gear but a companion for the most adventurous souls who dare to traverse the wilderness in all weather conditions.

Adaptability for the Unpredictable

The weather, as any outdoor enthusiast will tell you, can be the most unpredictable companion on your adventure. One moment you could be bathing in the summer sun, the next being buffeted by an unexpected snowstorm. To face such extreme conditions, you need footwear that’s versatile, reliable, and built for endurance. This is where Trailback Boots step in as your all-weather companion.

Design that Marries Strength with Comfort

Crafted meticulously by specialist shoemakers who understand the essence of a good pair of boots, each Trailback pair is designed to provide the durability and strength of the traditional rigger worker boot, but without the cumbersome weight. We’ve crafted these boots specifically for walking and leisure, with a focus on maximum comfort and flexibility.

The leather upper, stitched to the sole, creates an armour against the nasties of the wilderness such as thorns and brambles while the Goodyear welting adds to the flexibility and reduces weight. The cork footbed not only provides great insulation but ensures you are stepping on a comfortable cushion throughout your journey.

A Barrier to the Elements

The Trailback construction incorporates underfoot insulation serving as a barrier to heat loss when treading on frozen ground. At the same time, the Sympatex® waterproof membrane creates an impenetrable wall against external moisture, while allowing for internal moisture to evaporate. This means your feet remain dry and warm, regardless of what Mother Nature has in store.

Tales from the Trails

Don’t just take our word for it. Our loyal community of Trailback wearers have shared their experiences and stories.

“After purchasing my boots, which I thought about due to the cost, I’m so glad I did. They’re comfortable, extremely well made. 100% recommended.”

“I live in Australia, where the weather can swing wildly. My Trailbacks are, hands down, the best pair of boots I have ever bought. They’re warm, comfortable, and built to last.”

“I bought my first pair of boots in November 2020. I’m hard on boots but after clocking in excess of 2000 miles, they’re still great. Ready for another 1000 at least!”

Ready for Adventure?

Trailback boots are more than just boots; they’re a testament to our commitment to providing the best for those who crave adventure, exploration, and connection with the natural world. Ready to step into a world of all-weather comfort?

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