Craftsmanship and Passion: The Trailback Journey of Crafting Boots with Sole

It’s the crack of dawn. The smell of fresh, premium-quality leather permeates the air, a silent homage to the early beginnings of a day in the life of Trailback. The lights flicker on, reflecting off the highly acclaimed Vibram® Commando outsoles waiting to tread on new paths, and the immaculate Sympatex® waterproof membranes, guardians against every drop of water.

The stage is set for another day of shaping passion, tradition, and innovation into a tangible form – a pair of Trailback boots.

Our journey begins with an echo from the past. Traditional “rigger” boots, named so for the North Sea Oil Riggers, were designed to be as relentless and sturdy as the workers they were created for. They were embedded with a steel toe cap and steel penetration resistance in the sole, the embodiment of strength and durability.

Trailback took the robustness of the rigger boot and reimagined it for the modern adventurer. We removed all the steel but maintained the rugged design, enhancing it with triple-stitching to craft a product as relentless as its predecessor, but with a new mission – to serve those who seek onshore walking and thrilling escapades.

Our boots are made with meticulous care and the finest materials, including 2.4mm thick full-grain leather that is not just hard-wearing but is treated to withstand any condition. The German manufactured Sympatex® waterproof membrane offers superior protection, ensuring your feet remain dry, no matter the terrain or weather.

At the heart of each pair of Trailback boots lies an insulating cork footbed, which stands as a testament to our commitment to your comfort. It keeps your feet warm and cushions every step, enabling you to embark on long walks and challenging trails.

Gone are the days of mucky laces. Our easy pull-on tabs, a practical feature, ensures a fuss-free experience for even the muddiest of dog-walking trails. With triple-stitching added for extra strength and durability, we promise a boot that is as reliable as it is comfortable.

The process of creating these boots is where tradition meets modernity. Our partnership with a family-run business, boasting a heritage of high-quality footwear manufacturing since 1899, is a nod to the past, honouring time-tested methods and skills.

Their specialisation in Goodyear welting and waterproofing technology aligns with our pursuit of superior quality. Goodyear welting, an almost 150-year-old shoe construction technique, ensures greater durability than glued soles and is globally recognised as one of the finest methods in shoemaking.

Every step of the way, our boots are designed with the end-user in mind. Whether you’re traversing a muddy trail or embarking on a daring adventure, Trailback boots are not just footwear; they are reliable companions, crafted with passion, and brought to life through time-honoured craftsmanship.

The making of a Trailback boot is a celebration of detail, quality, and an unwavering commitment to delivering a product that’s not just hard-wearing and waterproof, but is also comfortable and stylish. It’s an adventure in itself, from the early hours in the workshop to the moment they find a home in your adventure gear.

Are you ready to step into a world of unparalleled comfort, durability and style? Join us in our journey and discover the product range at Trailback’s Shop. Embrace the soul of the adventurer, the essence of a Trailback boot.

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